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Rene Andrade

Ghost Ranch & Tempe Public Market Cafe

Rene was born and raised in the border town with Arizona named Nogales. His youngest and most vivid memories are in the kitchen next to his Mama Lupe. She was his grandmother that raised him as her son. It was not a surprise that Rene developed a strong connection with food at a young age. His first job was when he was 14 years old he had a “mariscos” stand with his best friend growing up. His passion for the food industry continued growing, and he eventually moved to Scottsdale Arizona to attend Scottsdale Culinary Institute and pursue his culinary dream of becoming a chef.  In his search for jobs, he found one with the local talent Chef Matt Carter and stayed there for 3 years. He worked his way up through the years; hard work and long hours landed Rene his first Sous chef position at Chef Beau MacMillan’s Elements at the Sanctuary on Camelback Resort and Spa. Rene, always striving for the next move, got his new position with Chef Aaron Chamberlin as Regional Executive Chef of his newest restaurant, Ghost Ranch, as well as Tempe Public Market Cafe.