Winners Announced for 2018 Devour Excellence Awards


We continued our tradition of recognizing the most outstanding talent at the Devour Culinary Classic with the 2018 Devour Excellence Awards. And those who participated did not disappoint.

It was a challenge for our international panel of judges to just a handful of winners from the abundance of wonderful and inspiring dishes that our local chefs brought to the table. Through quite an extended deliberation period, however, the results were clear. Here are the results of the 2018 Devour Excellence Awards: 

Excellence in Presentation 

Awarded to the restaurant with the dish that paid particular attention to how the dish looked and appeared. Your mouth will start watering by just looking at it. 


Winner: Cibo
Arancini no. 1 - Pan Fried rice balls with mozzarella and green peas
Arancini no. 2 - Pam fried rice balls with mozzarella and lamb

Runner Up: Phoenix Public Market
Arizona Citrus Salad - goat cheese, pistachios, local dates, sweet shallot honey vinaigrette, micro greens


Winner: Kai
Smoked Ocean Trout, Squash Escabeche, Huitlacoche Chumeth, Black Tepary Miso. 

Runner Up: FnB / The Inbetweens
Fresh vegetable salad with sugar snap peas and country ham

Excellence in Innovation

Awarded to the restaurant with the dish that challenged the status quo and used unique ingredients or methods. 


Winner: True Food Kitchen
Grilled Cauliflower Planks - black walnut pesto, truffle tahini, aleppo chili

Runner Up: Helio Basin Brewery
Venison Sausage


Winner: Shift
Beef tongue Philly Cheesesteak

Runner Up: The Dressing Room
Tako Yaki Hushpuppy with a Tomato Sriracha Jam

Excellence in Taste 

Awarded to the restaurant with the dish that stood out based on taste and flavor. 



Winner: Gallo Blanco
Flapjacks with Plantains Foster

Runner Up: Dust Cutter
Huevos Rancheros / Sonoran Native Tepary Bean Chili, Ground bison, quail egg and chorizo espuma


Winner: Elote Cafe
Spicy Anasazi beans with local heritage barley and mesquite cornbread

Runner Up: Different Point of View
Grain Mustard Soy Grilled Muscovy Duck; Sweet Corn Milk Griddle Cakes & Bliss Maple Drizzle, Kumquat Shallot Jam, Duck Cracklings, Basil Oil

Excellence in Distinction

Awarded to one restaurant over the two-day event that stood out in all categories for excellence in taste, innovation, and presentation. 

Winner: FnB / The Inbetweens
Runner up: Kai

Thanks to all of our amazing chefs, restauranteurs, food artisans, ranchers, growers, winemakers, beer brewers, and spirit distillers who played a part in making this Devour Culinary Classic one of the best yet! Still holding on to your Devour passport? There are many great offers from our local restaurant partners in there! 

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Until then, we hope you continue to #DevourPhoenix with us!

Thanks to All of our Devour Partners and Friends: