Our Favorite Quotes from the 2017 Devour Culinary Classic


We're still dreaming about all that was devoured at this year's Devour Culinary Classic. It turns out that the press loved every bite, as well. We've compiled a few of our favorite quotes here.

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“[Devour Culinary Classic] packs a who’s-who roster of genius-level culinary talent into two days of nibbling, drinking and scening, along with an emerging program of foreplay events on the days prior.” Phoenix Magazine

“Springtime in Phoenix is an endless parade of culinary festivals, but nowhere will you find a denser collection of the best bites the Valley has to offer than at the Devour Culinary Classic.” Dominic Armato, AZ Central

“If this is Arizona cuisine, then I am never leaving.” Wayne Schutsky, Modern Times Magazine

“The definition of devoured is: “to eat (food or prey) hungrily or quickly.” That is exactly what I plan to do at the Devoured Culinary Classic, Arizona’s premier foodie event going down this weekend.” Mandy Holmes, The Real Housewife of Scottsdale

“The goal of [Devour Culinary Classic] is to showcase Arizona’s celebrity culinary talent as well as its fine food and drink producers and purveyors, all while furthering metro Phoenix as a dining destination worthy of international prestige.” Christina Barrueta, Write on Rubee

“So whether residents like it shaken or stirred, sashimi or shishkabob – and everything in between - [Devour Culinary Classic] will offer a delicious distraction for just about every palate.” Kathryn Miller, City Sun Times

“The way [Executive Chef Rich Hinojosa] slow cooks the meat until fork tender, and the fact that he quickly deep fries the crispy tacos twice with the cooked meat inside the taco… Well, you’ll have to taste for yourself.” Debby Wolvos, Arizona Foothills Magazine

PressErica Fetherston