Dana Mule

Hula's Modern Tiki & Twirl Frozen yogurt

M. Dana Mule’ is a native of Phoenix, AZ, and proud father, husband and restaurateur. He has been very fortunate in that his former career in the events and entertainment industry allowed him to crisscross this amazing Nation of ours (sometimes up to 300+ days a year), and explore all areas of the world. One of the highlights of this time was traveling the globe as a bodyguard for international music acts like the New Kids on the Block. That traveling eventually led him to his wife, and to settling down back in his hometown, to adopt the easy, sedate life of a restaurant owner. His past life experiences gave him a unique insight, and in 2009 he launched HULA’S Modern Tiki, which instantly became a critical and neighborhood favorite. Dana then opened Twirl Frozen Yogurt in 2012, which brought a west coast laid back beach feel to Uptown Phoenix. In 2013, he saw the opening of a second HULA’S location in Old Town Scottsdale. His goal was to do something different with the classic tiki concept, and to make it an integral part of his community. Dana is an advocate of adaptive reuse, and a strong supporter of many local charities and causes. Since 2009 HULA’S has donated more than $120,000 to the community through the Mahalo Mondays Charitable Giving Program.