Bartender Information Form

The following information will be used to confirm you as a bartender in the 2019 Devour Phoenix Bartending Competition. The Bartending Competition is open to Devour Phoenix Restaurant Coalition members firstly, so congratulations on being a part of some of the best culinary and beverage teams in town! Please take care to fill out the following information, as it will help us to promote your personal brand, the restaurant you work for, and will also determine the heat in which you compete day of event. Get basic event info and tickets here.

Competition Breakdown

The Bartending Competition is divided into two parts: 1) the on-stage competition (three heats of three bartenders each followed by a final throwdown of heat winners), and 2) a “market” of your represented restaurants sampling your competing drinks. Bartenders participating are given spirit choices in order to create a drink that you can make on stage during the competition and serve to 4-5 judges as well as batch a version of to have their restaurant teams serve for them to attendees. Once your spirit has been confirmed, a sample bottle will be provided to you for development and necessary spirit quantities along with standard ice and cups will be supplied day of event. SAVE THE DATE! More details will be provided at the bartender walkthrough on January 30th at 12pm at Portland Parkway Park.

You will win...

The winner of the 2019 Devour Phoenix Bartending Competition will be featured with their restaurant and winning cocktail in a center-stage VIP Lounge appearance at the 2019 Devour Culinary Classic. In addition, the winner will receive a selection of unique products and spirits to refine their craft, with a retail value of $500; an on-air interview hosted by Beth and Friends of KEZ 99.9, the official radio of Devour Phoenix; and be ultimately crowned with the coveted title of Devour Phoenix Star Bartender.

But First...

Fill out this form no later than January 23rd to determine your spirit selections. We will confirm your final selection shortly thereafter.


Contact Us

If, after you have read through this, you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to shoot Devour event lead Natalie Morris a text or call on her cell at 917-392-0842.

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Restaurant Name
Please choose ONE product from each brand below that you would choose to work with for the competition. From here, you will be paired with one of your selections and this will determine what order you compete in. If the form deadline of January 5th is met, we will also be providing samples of the product you are paired with to you for your testing prior to the competition.
Choose 1 spirit from the selections below.
Choose 1 spirit from the selections below.
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This is where we will explain competition rules and answer any last questions you have, as well as distribute sample bottles. If you cannot make it, you may also send someone to represent you.